What we do

Our approach is based on utilization of modelling for water resources planning, management, forecasting and impact assessment. We folllow Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) principles and focus at providing information and tools to those who would benefit from them regardless their background. We aim at realizing projects with our network and partners and support young professionals.

We offer

Consultation - Our strong engineering and scientific background and project experience provides solid foundation also to complex and large scale challenges requiring integrated social, economic and environmental solutions.

Modelling, data management, analysis and visualization tools - Our approach is to provide open and license free software for professionals and organizations regardless their background. The IWRM-model developed since 1993 is compact, spatial, easy to understand application, completely coupled with GIS. Everything is included – hydrology, infrastructure, environmental and socio-economic indicators and climate change projections. Our combined 1D/2D/3D model developed since 1975 provides detailed information from hydropower operations to fisheries management.

Partnerships – we focus where we are at our best and work with our clients, partners and extensive networks.