HAE (2010 - 2013)

HAE: Hydro-Agro-Economic Model for Mekong River Basin and Local Adaptation in Lao PDR

HAE first phase focused on developed farming system modelling for Lao PDR including mountainous area hydrological and erosion modelling, physiological crop modelling (using FAO AquaCrop) integrated with the IWRM watershed model and irrigation management. User interface development and user support by the software were given special attention.

The second phase the project focused on helping communities in the lower Xe Bang Fai Basin in developing adaptation and mitigation options against recurring threats including flooding, droughts and road destruction. Hydropower options for mitigating flood hazards were be explored.

The project consists of three main components: hydrological, agricultural and agro-economic modeling. The components are fully integrated under the EIA/MRC IWRM modeling framework. Hydrological + hydrodynamic modeling provides hydrological conditions for crop modeling, flood maps, erosion quantification and sediment and nutrient inputs to the crops. Agricultural modeling is verified with crop yield data. Economic modeling provides irrigation, agrochemical etc. costs and crop values. Climate, land use and infrastructure scenarios are defined with the Lao WREA (Water Resources & Environment Administration). The scenarios are modelled and results are used to analyze local adaptation strategies as well as trans-boundary and regional policy and adaptation recommendations.