DMS (2009-2010)

DMS: Detailed Modelling Support for the MRCS

The project responds to the acute basin development issues in the Mekong basin and the extensive model services needs of the MRC (Mekong River Commission) Programmes and the member countries. The general objectives of the work were:
1. provision of comprehensive tools and data for hydrological, environmental and socio-economic impact assessment of ongoing and planned basin developments
2. support of riparian countries and MRC programmes capacity in modelling and impact assessment
3. promotion of cross-programme, cross-disciplinary and cross-sectoral cooperation, coordination and integration through focused group work.

The project objectives are reached through a sequential process starting from (i) tools adjustment and integration, continuing in (ii) clarifying of the central Mekong processes and development impact on them and ending on (iii) socio-economic consequence analysis. The process analysis is based on the use of existing and adjusted tools forming the IWRM-tool and offering a platform for the programmes to cooperate in an integrated and coordinated way. The process and socio-economic analysis results will be integrated in the IWRM-tool.

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