On-going projects

Mekong River Commission (MRC) Council Study

IWRM-model has been applied during 2015 - 2017 in order to:
• Integrate different model results and models into a cross-sectoral assessment tool
• Support MRC and MRC Member Country adaptation of the Council Study assessment methodology through user friendly implementation of the tool
• Provide socioeconomic and environmental indicator data for the Council Study discipline teams
• Conduct scenario assessment focusing on Mekong sediments and productivity (fish and rice).

The results of the modeling show largest impacts to the Mekong system from hydropower reservoir sediment and nutrient trapping. The decline of fisheries, in the worst-case scenario up to 70%, has most critical consequences in Cambodia because its population is more dependent on natural fisheries than in the other Mekong countries. The modelling results show that effective reservoir sediment management measures (sediment flushing) can maintain fertile sediment fluxes and fisheries production.

Sediments affect also agricultural production that benefits from flooding and supply of fertile sediments. Yield losses are up to 20% if sediments are not compensated by fertilizers and maintenance of soil structure with organic material.

Another critical factor for the future Mekong development will be climate change. Modelling results show significant decline of soil water in the Tonle Sap watershed and consequent large decline in rainfed agriculture yields for the dry climate scenario C3. Also required irrigation amounts would increase in C2 up to 20%. Consequently planning is required to mitigate possible future critical conditions.

TA-9204 THA: Strengthening Integrated Water Resource Planning and Management at River Basin Level

Objective 1: develop/refine the IWRM-model for the Thai river basin planning context
Objective 2: ensure that line agencies at the central and provincial level (25 river basins) have capacity in the model and its use for stakeholder engagement

This project is implemented by two Australian companies - ICEM and Alluvium.

Mekong fish production: