Demand for quantitative, integrated and high quality water resources consulting is increasing. It has become urgent to strengthen EIA’s capacity to respond to the situation. As a response, EIA is happy to notify that we have signed a partnership agreement with the Scandinavian consultancy company NIRAS. This alliance is further strengthened trough collaboration with LaoFin Consulting Company and with the Aalto University Water & Development Research Group in Finland.

In collaboration with its partners EIA will focus its undertakings on supporting sustainable development in the Mekong Region and providing practice and operations oriented modelling tools for academic, public and private sectors.

NIRAS is an international, foundation based (NIRAS Foundation) multidisciplinary consultancy company with over 1400 employees located in offices in Europe, Asia and Africa. Its business is to provide impartial consultancy in a variety of fields such as construction and infrastructure, public utilities, environmental and natural resources, climate change and energy, planning, and development consulting.