EIA 3D-hydrodynamic model

EIA hydrodynamic model is suitable for advanced 3d-surface water modelling applications, such as modelling thermal releases, or computation of surface currents for oill spill release forecasting. The model is fully dynamic and uses nested grids. Density variations caused by temperature and salinity differences are taken into account. Turbulence is computed using k-e turbulence model.

EIA 3D-water quality and ecosystem model

EIA 3d water quality model works with flow data generated by the 3d hydrodynamic model. Typical applications include computation of release, transport and reactions of sediments, nutrients or other substances in inland or coastal waters. The model also allows computation of algae growth two or three algae groups, taking into account dissolved nutrients, environmental conditions and water flow.

VMod hydrological model

The VMod model is a grid-based distributed hydrological model, that can be used to compute discharge and water quality in river basins.

RLGis hydrological software

The RLGis software is a tool for handlig geographical data for hydrological model grid creation, and timeseries file processing.