WUP-FIN is a complementary project to the Mekong River Commission Water Utilization Programme (MRC/WUP). It is funded by the Development Cooperation Department, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Finland.

The project has two phases:

1st: Tonle Sap Modelling project:

  • Active: June 2001 -  June 2003

  • Main object to understand physical, chemical and biological processes in Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia, and to assist in the maintenance of sustainable conditions of the lake.

2nd: Lower Mekong Modelling project:

  • Active: May 2004 - October 2006

  • Main objectives to provide additional modelling tools, data, and training for the MRCS, NMCs, and local line agencies focusing on the four hot-spot areas in the Lower Mekong Basin.

These WUP-FIN homepages are divided to three parts:




Last updated on March 18th, 2008